Purpose of this wiki

This wiki is a class project of Communication 424 at The Ohio State University in Autumn Term, 2007. We will use this site to document our class debates this term regarding certain aspects of public and citizen journalism.

We are doing class debates in order to discover for ourselves the true nature of the controversies surrounding these topics and to gain practice in debate as a form of deliberation. Toward this end we will be doing in-class debates with the students who are not debating on a given day to act as evaluators.

Each debate team will be responsible for creating a section of this wiki that will summarize their main arguments and evidence as well as counter-arguing the arguments and evidence advanced by members of the opposing team.

This exercise will provide everyone with hands-on experiences in crafting arguments, organizing evidence and gaining exposure to the collaborate aspects of wiki technology. I believe that this experience will be a good introduction to the use of wiki tools and allow each individual who participates to gain some understanding of the power that wikis have foster collaborative thinking among members of a team.

This is the first time I have experimented with such tools in this particular class. I have used wikis with good success in another class setting and so I am very optimistic about the learning opportunities this will provide. But we should also expect problems. When doing something new, not every problem can be anticipated in advance. Part of the learning that takes place will be involving problem-solving skills!

Good luck to everyone. Let me know of any problems or difficulties you experience working with these tools. Best. — jerry

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